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Are Bacteriostatic Underwear Beneficial for Men?

Are Bacteriostatic Underwear Beneficial for Men?

Published on 13-MAY-22

You could gag at the thought of those active bacterial colonies on your undies or you could let them have a go. Either way, you’ll be dealing with some less-than-comfortable funk.

There is a better way! Something that speaks straight to your privates (no pun intended) is a more natural option for treating your undergarments. Yes, we are talking about bacteriostatic antibiotics underwear!

So what does this mean? Does it imply that scientists have finally come up with underwear that can kill bacteria? This might not be the case. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t progressed so far. However, there are a few neat features in underwear that are worthy of our attention.

Bacteriostatic antibiotics underwear is made from cotton fabrics that have been treated with antimicrobial compounds such as triclosan. By applying this treatment to 100% cotton fabric, then the underwear is able to repel microbes and inhibit bacterial growth but won’t leave any traces behind in our bodies after being worn. The best part is that treated materials aren’t any more expensive than regular cotton, but they feel just as nice while offering you peace of mind that you aren’t introducing toxins into your own personal space!

Let’s look into the fact and fiction of bacteriostatic innerwear!

Side-Effects of not Wearing a Bacteriostatic Underwear

After a long day at work, most of us have to deal with a not-so-fresh feeling down there. It’s embarrassing for most men, and uncomfortable for all. On top of that, bacterial infections aren’t just a nuisance, they can be downright dangerous, even deadly.

Fortunately, there is a solution on the horizon! Bacteriostatic underwear can provide a powerful layer of protection against harmful bacteria, addressing the main cause of the odor and keeping you clean through multiple wearings. So, what is bacteriostatic antibiotics underwear?

Studies show that regularly wearing 100% cotton underwear helps prevent yeast growth. Yeast has been shown to thrive in hot moist environments — such as undergarments that do not contain antifungal agents such as 2% zinc oxide and 10% imidazole nitrate. There is also evidence to show that bacteria and fungi can breed in underwear material even in the absence of sweat or moisture if the material temperature is high enough. 

This is why we recommend you to go for bacteriostatic clothing as it has been found to be more effective than regular clothing at reducing body odor caused by those microorganisms.

Apart from that, the methods used in the preparation of those raw materials also matter! One interesting fact about growing Bamboo is that pesticides are rarely used in their cultivation. This is because Bamboo contains an innate bio-agent, called bamboo-kun, which is bacteriostatic i.e it prevents bacteria from growing; it can be a pretty good sports underwear men!

Textiles made with bamboo contain this bio-agent, making them more resistant to the odours that come with sweating in warm weather. The best part? At DaMENSCH being one of the best mens underwear brands, our specially tailored Neo-Skin vests are made from bamboo! They are imbibed with all the excellent properties of bamboo and an ideal choice for wearing in the hot Indian summer; it’s also the best fabric for underwear!

Bactericidal and Bacteriostatic Difference:

So, if it doesn’t kill bacteria, what does it do? That’s a good question. The word bacteriostatic is a combination of ‘bacteria’ and ‘static’, which means ‘to stop’, in Latin. Bacteriostatic textiles also kill some bacteria, but not enough to disinfect the fabric. But they do kill just enough bacteria to keep the colony of germs at a stationary state of development. Bactericidal substances on the other hand, kill over 99.9% of bacteria. You must be very familiar with statistics from advertisements for Dettol, Savlon and the like. 

But underwear doesn’t have to be bactericidal for it to be odour-canceling. Here’s a quick science lesson before we continue. Have you ever wondered why you stink after you sweat? One of the key contributing factors here is dampness, or wetness. When you sweat, moisture is released through the pores of your skin, which settle in your clothes and other areas of your body. Your sweat also contains tons of minerals and other waste materials which microbes can feed on. So basically, the longer you keep on those sweaty clothes, the more you stink, because it has the two ingredients that bacteria need most to survive — food and water! 

DaMENSCH’s Deo-Soft collection is made of a blend of supima cotton and modal fibres; being some of the best fabric for underwear! The supima cotton makes it extra moisture wicking. That means even on a hot day or after a workout, these undies wick moisture away from those dark and damp areas and through its micropores, exposes the moisture to the air, where it will evaporate away. The key to staying stink-free in hot weather is to be as dry as possible, and Deo-Soft underwear does that with aplomb, because it is way more moisture-wicking and breathable than regular trunks underwear.  

Pros, cons and DaMENSCH’s suggestions

The headline here is a bit of a misnomer because honestly speaking, odour-canceling innerwear has no cons. It’s only pros. If you’re someone who sweats easily, we would highly recommend stocking up on inners that are odour-canceling and bacteriostatic. They’ll keep you dry, fresh and smelling great throughout the day. 

Being one of the best mens underwear brands, we can’t recommend DaMENSCH Neo-Skin vests highly enough. These vests are tailor made for the Indian summer, when it gets hot, humid and sweaty. In others, it’s the perfect thing to wear during bacteria season. Vest are a very useful item of clothing that a lot of men neglect when it comes to their wardrobes. Especially in the sub-tropical weather we live in, vests are invaluable as pieces of innerwear because they wick moisture away from the body, keeps you fresh and dry, and prevents sweat from showing up in big patches on your shirt. That means your outerwear will last longer! So take this from us, stock up on DaMENSCH vests. Not only are they bacteriostatic, due to the amazing properties of the bamboo-kun bio-agent, they’re also an excellent, common sense addition to your wardrobe. 

When it comes to picking out bacteriostatic antibiotics underwear, keep two things in mind — fit and breathability. Ill fitting trunk underwear is a recipe for discomfort and excessive sweating. Within the DaMENSCH Deo-Soft range, there are quite a few products, all of which are known for their superior breathability. If you’re someone who values support, choose brief. However, if you’re a bigger person, trunk or boxer brief might be a better idea, for extra room and breathability.

Secondly, make sure you study the size chart carefully to get underwear that fits you well. Well-fitting underwear minimizes sweating, but tight underwear causes sweating to increase, leading to a decrease in breathability; make sure to avoid that, especially while choosing sports underwear men. In any case, the DaMENSCH Deo-Soft collection is the way to go!