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Trending Tshirt for Men: T-shirts for all occasions

Trending Tshirt for Men: T-shirts for all occasions

Published on 24-MAY-22

T-shirts, we all wear them. But do we think about them? Most people would say… no not really. As the world moves from clothes to fashion, what was once a functional necessity has become an integral part of men’s fashion. T-shirt have gone from being work clothes to being a worldwide staple for casual streetwear. And given the increasing demands for these clothing items, even luxury brands have started getting into the act! But it hasn’t always been like this. Today, however, we know better. T-shirts have become an essential part of men’s clothing and they carry more than just utilitarian values. From wearing it in summer to adding some color to your outfit in the winter, these garments are considered to be one of the best ways to dress up your overall look.

Types of Trending T-shirts For Men at DaMENSCH

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have the time to read an entire blog, I’ll keep the answer short. The short answer is that you should have at least three good  trending t-shirts for men in your wardrobe. You might be thinking, what? Just three? No, we mean three good t-shirts, with an emphasis on the good part. 

1. Popcorn T-Shirts

Popcorn t-shirts for men give your wardrobe a kick when it comes to dressing up! These t-shirts are perfect for casual Friday. They flatter your figure with their superior fabric and structure. Our DaMENSCH Popcorn Casual T-Shirts Herringbone neck style exudes a lasting impression that strikes just the right chord with your timeless personality. 

Our clothing items are made of a blend using sustainably sourced cotton. We use ONLY HIGH-IQ Dyes which are 50% more sustainable with much higher retention than any other similar dyes.

While wearing our popcorn t-shirt you can expect a comfortable fit; which is not too tight, not too loose! 

2. Crew neck T-Shirts

Do you care about the quality of your men’s t-shirts? We do. Our Crew neck t-shirts for men are made with the intent to keep you looking good, feeling god-like, and lasting forever. 

Our deep-side slit crewnecks are not your average T-shirts. These 100 percent combed cotton tees are extra soft, and hold you in for that nice fitted look. Wear them all day to work, for dinner and drinks, or even for a fun night out! Make sure to check our killer crewneck t-shirt collection in your favorite color to match any occasion and mood. 

It will be hard to resist pulling on one of these men’s crewneck T-shirts every day of the week. The softness and quality are worth every penny. Just try looking at them without touching them. My point exactly!

3. Statement T-Shirts

Basic is boring! Let your style make a statement today, with our lucrative print and tie dye tees that come in full and half sleeves, featuring stand out design & fabrics. Enjoy this new way to change up your style game with our premium printed cotton t-shirts for men; these are meant for those who feel today is a new day!

While it features the same fabric as our constant collection, it is a collection that is durable, versatile, and features innovative designs. Using high-grade dyes, our t-shirt printing dyes last longer and show no fade in colours.

Ideally, these are the t-shirts that are part of your smart casual wardrobe. For those unfamiliar, smart casuals are the clothes you wear to work. If your workplace is not too serious about attire, and does not insist on you wearing shirts and trousers at all times, smart casuals are the way to go.

Must have T-shirts for Men

T-shirts keep trending based on the latest fashion fads, but one thing is for sure, good fashion never goes out of style. Picking out trending t-shirts for men these days can be a tedious process for the conscious shopper, so we want to make a case for some of the evergreen stars of the t-shirt trade. These t-shirts have looked good for decades and you can bet that they will stay in vogue going forward as well. 

1. Plain T-Shirts

First on this list of trending t-shirts for men are the plain t-shirt. That’s right, the good old solid coloured plain t-shirt is so versatile that you can make it work pretty much anywhere, in any setting. If you were to think of your wardrobe combination as a team, the plain t-shirt would be the reliable workhorse of the team, anchoring your personality pulling everything together. It makes you look approachable, and has an everyman’s charm that makes it an ideal choice for people who want to fit in, while still looking stylish.

In the summer, pair your plain boys t-shirts with shorts for your indoors look, and chinos for a stylish smart casual look. In the winter, they can be worn with jeans and trousers, or even jogger or pyjama, if you aren’t going very far from home. We recommend picking up a pair of DaMENSCH Constant t-shirts. Made from world class long fibre supima cotton, these t-shirts are tested to last at least 500 days, endure multiple wash cycles and treated with fade resistant dyes that preserve their sheen and colour.

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2. Polo T-Shirts

The second on the trending t-shirts for men you should definitely own is the polo t-shirt. Invented by the legendary tennis player Rene Lacoste, polo t-shirts have been part of the men’s trending t-shirts for centuries due to their unique combination of breathability and comfort. Polos are the classic smart casual boys t-shirts because they look smart and sporty at the same time. You can combine them with jeans or trousers and accessorize with a nice denim jacket for a classic, sporty winter style. 

Due to their breathability, they can also be worn in the summertime, along with shorts. DaMENSCH Polos in particular, are the latest in a long line of textile innovation. DaMENSCH Polos are made from Coolmax Eco fibre, which is made entirely from recycled plastic. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are also thermoregulating, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Check out the best polo tshirts!

3. Long Sleeved T-shirts

A full sleeve t-shirt is definitely an addition to your wardrobe that you should not skip because not only are they functional, they also look extremely stylish. You also go for some hip and stylish hooded t-shirts; there’s a reason hip-hop dancers are often spotted wearing them.

They give the wearer a stylish, sporty look. Even in terms of comfort, long sleeved t-shirts are a great addition to your wardrobe, because they are the perfect men’s trending full sleeve t-shirt to wear when the days are too cold to wear a simple t-shirt, but not cold enough to throw on your jacket. Pair these with a jacket, jeans and a stylish pair of kicks to complete your sporty winter look. DaMENSCH constant tees are also available in the long sleeve format, so make sure you have stocked up on a few of these.

4. Printed T-Shirts

In the realm of casual t-shirts, printed t-shirt have become extremely popular in the 21st century because, well, simply put, they are a blank canvas. From referencing your favourite tv show to proudly proclaiming your love for cupcakes; these t-shirts can also go well as your hooded t-shirts options. However, this doesn’t mean that artsy prints are out of fashion. DaMENSCH better basic gym t-shirts are available in a variety of cool and artsy prints, including the classic tie dye style. 

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So basically, own as many trending t-shirts for men as you want because you can never have too many. Try out with different fits and combinations. It’s nice to own a pair of oversized t-shirts for those lazy indoor days as well. The most important thing while buying them, be clear on what you want out of your gym t-shirts. Think of the kind of combinations you are going to wear them in and how long you want them to last. Always read the wash care instructions before you purchase the t-shirt so that you are clear of how best to take care of them


What are the different types of T-shirt styles?

There are many different types of men’s t-shirt styles including plain t-shirts, polos, long sleeved t-shirts and printed t-shirts.

Which t-shirts can I wear for all occasions?

You can never have enough t-shirts, but we recommend that you should have at least five good t-shirts in your wardrobe that you feel comfortable wearing outside or in a work setting.

Which brand has the best T-shirts?

DaMENSCH makes long-lasting tshirt made from world class, long lasting supima cotton. These t-shirts are tested to last at least 500 days and are treated with long-lasting dyes that keep their sheen intact even after multiple washes.