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Celebrating Bamboo Day with The Earth Fabric by DaMENSCH

Celebrating Bamboo Day with The Earth Fabric by DaMENSCH

Published on 18-SEP-22

Happy World Bamboo Day! The past decade or so has seen a plethora of changes in the fashion industry. 

With the increase in fashion’s carbon footprint, slow fashion was introduced as an initiative to slow down the exploitation of fast fashion. 

Both sister movements, slow fashion and sustainable fashion advocate for producing better-quality fabrics, buying ethically sourced clothes, and reusing and recycling, to reduce pollution.

These movements were brought to light as a way of treating the planet, people, and animals better, and reducing the production of clothes which has caused more pollution than imagined. The only difference between the two sister movements is that slow fashion aims to reduce the production and consumption of clothes more specifically, while sustainable fashion is focused on being carbon-neutral. Sustainable fashion concerns are based on the ecological welfare of people and the planet rather than directly addressing the issues of fashion exploitation.

Consumers are increasingly supporting the movement of slow fashion and sustainable fashion to counteract the effects of climate change and environmental threats. Even top fashion-related brands are aiming toward environmentally friendly fashion. 

Benefits of moving towards sustainable apparel:

  • Made from sustainable or long-lasting materials.
  • Clothes are high-quality, timeless and trendy.
  • Using natural materials that don’t harm the environment

Bamboo – Earth’s most eco-friendly plant

As an eco-friendly earth plant, Bamboo has many benefits in terms of rehabilitation of degraded lands, reforestation, carbon reduction, and more. 

As we celebrate World Bamboo Day today let’s look at some beneficial properties of bamboo:

1. Acts as Earth’s natural air-conditioner

It provides more oxygen. It is believed that Bamboo produces at least 35% more oxygen per tree. 

2. Cools the planet by 8 degrees

Bamboo absorbs gigantic amounts of greenhouse gases. By producing more oxygen and supporting carbon sequestration, bamboo keeps the planet cooler by 8 degrees.

3. Restores degraded land

Due to its rapid growth, bamboo trees have rhizomes and a huge network of roots that are successful in restoring degraded land. Even when destroyed by fire, deforestation or other natural and unnatural causes, bamboo trees easily regenerate and restore natural resources faster than other trees.

Introducing Neo-Skin Bamboo Vests featuring Earth Fabric

Our Neo-Skin Bamboo Vests feature Earth Fabric that has a luxurious smooth finish and stays with you for many seasons. One of the world’s most eco-friendly earth fabrics, bamboo holds many sustainable properties. Not only is the earth fabric softer than cotton, making it one of the most comfortable fabrics, but it’s also moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and thermoregulating. Many brands have adapted to this earth fabric for its eco-friendly properties.

Some properties of bamboo fabric:

1. Breathable

Offers good ventilation for a longer period due to its microscopic design. This will keep you feeling fresher and more relaxed all day. 

2. Thermoregulating

The thermoregulating features keep you cool when the weather is hot. The cooling effect of the earth fabric allows maximum comfort and cools you down better than any fabric. The same earth fabric also keeps you warm during winter. It also acts as an insulator, which makes the Bamboo fabric a high-performance fabric used all year for all weather types.

3. Moisture-Wicking

It is known for being sweat-proof and moisture-wicking, which makes it suitable for intimate clothing, loungewear, and athleisure wear.

4. Anti-Bacterial

It prevents microbial growth, meaning that the earth fabric stays fresh as the fibre fights bacteria and body odour. The bacteriostatic bioagent ‘Bamboo Kun’ fights bacterial growth on the earth’s fabric

5. Sensitive Skin

Bamboo is known for its hypoallergenic properties, making it perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Our Neo-Skin Bamboo Vest made of the earth fabric consist of all these amazing features that are great for everyday use. They can be worn for lounging, workouts, or even travelling to keep your temperature regulated at all times. With such great properties of functionality like moisture-wicking, thermoregulation, and anti-bacterial, these versatile and stylish vests made out of earth fabric are great to invest in. Its superior and high-performance earth fabric allows you to feel relaxed and at your best. Best paired with shortsjoggers or wear it as an undershirt.

What Damensch Offer?

We have natural colour palette options that come in two necklines: round neck and square neck. These are well-balanced, neutral tones that go well with everything for a more relaxed mood even while you’re working out.

Vests have always been an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. Although it’s had its fair share of history, vests have been in style for decades as an undershirt and now as an iconic easy-going staple. The sleeveless top gives you enough space for movement in all directions and has a flattering look on every body type. What’s better is our Neo-Skin Bamboo Vest is unlike any other, with eco-friendly properties. So this World Bamboo Day make an investment worth your penny and buy the Neo-Skin Bamboo Vest made from the finest earth fabric.